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New Student Information

One of the most successful band programs in the state of Colorado!

Come join us! On this team, everyone plays! 

Thank you for choosing Kinard for your middle school and for choosing band for your music class!  Playing an instrument is one of the most important and enjoyable skills you will learn in your school years. My goal is to help you gain the confidence to love playing your instrument and making music through band.

Beginning Band is a ton of fun.  Here are few songs you will be able to play by the end of beginning band:

Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Jingle Bell Rock, Star Wars Main Theme, Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme), Happy Birthday, When Mom is Not Home, Seven Nation Army, Smoke on the Water, and dozens MORE!

One of the most important steps to your success in band is placing you onto the correct instrument.  The instrument your friends want to play or the instruments your relatives played may not be the best fit for your physical characteristics.  Each band student has unique physical characteristics such as teeth alignment, jaw type, lip shape, arm length and coordination that determine success on band instruments.  You need to play a band instrument that matches to YOUR unique features!

Band Instrument Tryouts
Friday, March 29th, After-School and Evening

Our band hosts an instrument tryout night in which you will learn how to play ALL SIX beginning band instruments! This night is fun and informative. Families will receive an email in March with information on how to sign up for your tryout time and additional information on the instruments.

Here is the link to the Google Form in case you didn't receive the emails:


If you would like to get a head start on learning about the instruments, please read below! 

Learn More About the Instruments Here!

Below are the instruments that are available to play in Beginning Band at the start of the year.  A few students will switch to oboe, bassoon, saxophone and euphonium during the year. If you are interested in saxophone you must start on clarinet.  Click on each picture to see more information!



What if my child is sure of the instrument they wish to play?
You will still need to try out an instrument with Mr. Perez.  Try to help your child keep an open mind as there are no guarantees that any instrument will be a good choice for their unique physical traits.

My student would like to play saxophone, is it true they need to start on the clarinet?
Yes. All students interested in playing saxophone will start on the clarinet. Select students will then switch to saxophone halfway through their 6th-grade year.

My student would like to play percussion, is there a piano requirement for percussion?
No. Students will be rated and scored at the instrument tryouts on limb-to-limb coordination, stick control, and basic note and keyboard reading from provided study materials. 

My student has played piano and studies it privately, what options are there for piano?
Piano players can choose to learn a second instrument in the band or orchestra or to sing in the choir. Our best instrumentalists and singers at Kinard tend to be piano players, because of their prior training.

My student has played guitar and studies it privately, what options are there for guitar?
In 6th grade, guitar players can choose to learn a second instrument in the band or orchestra or to sing in the choir. The majority of guitar players choose to play a new instrument in the orchestra because of the similarities between stringed instruments.

My student cannot decide between band and orchestra, what should we do?
It is best to start talking to your child about what musical groups and music they would like to be in long term.  At the high school level orchestra offers chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra, while band offers jazz band, marching band and pep band.  If your child still cannot decide, they may attend the orchestra placement nights (contact our orchestra Mrs. Griffey and the band tryouts.

My student has been taking private lessons and is not a beginner OR my child has already played a band instrument before at their prior school, do we need to come to the placement night?
It depends on whether your child is feeling successful and satisfied with their current instrument. If they are satisfied, they do not need to attend. If they are interested in switching instruments in 6th grade they will want to attend the placement night.  In either case, please email me to let me know that your child has played before so that I can make note of it in my records.

Are there limited spots for each instrument?
The only sections that have a set number are the percussion section (8 spots) and tuba (4).

Should I purchase/rent my instrument now?
No! Do not get an instrument until after placements have been verified on the website in May. This ensures that you will have all the necessary information about instrument brands and models and the list of accessories to accompany the instrument.  In addition, it is important for your student to not start their instrument until summer music where they can learn correct playing habits.  When you rent your instrument from the music dealers, they will have you fill out paperwork and order your instrument, but not deliver it until the summer music program begins in July.

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