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The horn is also a member of the brass family. Its 
sound is produced by buzzing into a small mouthpiece similar
to a trumpet. Students with good musical ears (such as Honor
Choir students) should consider French Horn.  A slight overbite
is okay, but an underbite can severely hinder progress on French
Horn. Because the bell of the French horn rests on the knee of the
player while playing, it is imperative that a student’s upper torso
be long enough to accommodate the size of the French horn to
make good sounds and that players be able to demonstrate sitting
straight up when asked to do so. The French horn’s keys are
manipulated with the LEFT hand.

Horn checklist

* Good musical ears/carry a tune

* Prior music experience such as extra-curricular choirs or piano

* Minimal over bite, no under bite

* Upper torso size matches horn size

Other Considerations
The horn is a challenging instrument and like the flute, students that give up on challenging tasks easily should not consider horn.  Kinard has a limited number of school owned horns available for $125 per school year. If more students choose horn than instruments available a drawing for school instruments will occur.  Families not selected for horn will need to rent their own instrument from a music store ($75 per month rental)

Horn Personality
Musical and Persistent
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