Tuba is arguably the most important instrument to a band. 
Tuba provides the sonic foundation  and requires
players that are self--motivated and organized.  Tubas may
seem hard to  physically manage, but beginners start on
a smaller size 3/4 tuba built for young players.  Tuba players
need to have full lips and a large lung capacity.  While a child’s
size does not matter TOO much, they do need a torso long
enough to reach the mouthpiece comfortably. Our best tuba
players at Kinard have been piano players!   

Tuba checklist

* Self-Motivated, Independent, and Organized

* Full lips

* Able to take frequent deep breaths

* Torso long enough

* No prior academic or behavior trouble

Other Considerations
Due to the cost and limited inventory of tubas, students with a history of academic or behavior trouble should not consider tuba.  Only students that desire to play in band for many years should consider tuba.

Tuba Personality
Independent and Organized
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