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The flute is the most challenging instrument for beginners.
Flute tones are produced by being able to focus a small
air stream to an exact location in the tone hole, making
cupid bow shaped upper lips, under bites or over bites a
challenge for flute . Students with double jointed fingers
should also avoid flute due to the hand position and agility
required to play.  Flute and tuba use the most air
of any instrument so having the ability to breathe deeply
and frequently are essential. Students with asthma should avoid
selecting flute. Students that give up on challenging tasks easily
should not consider flute.

Flute physical characteristic checklist

* No tear drop shape on top lip

* No major under or over bite

* Able to breathe deeply and frequently, asthma can be challenging for flute players

* Double jointed fingers can be a challenge for the flute

Flute Personality
Persistent and Determined
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