Fun Stuff


Why fun stuff?  Because music is fun!



Music Jokes

Instrument Sites








PDQ Bach: Beethoven 5



CSU Trombone Slides



Cymbal Fail


Cell Phone Song


Yakety Sax


Tribute to John WIlliams


Clarinet Choir


Fnugg Tuba


Flight of the Bumblebee


Super Mario for Percussion


Stuff Middle School Students Say



Epic Drum Solo Fail!


Beatboxing Flute


Amazing Grace


Malaguena by Blast


Japanese Elementary Band


Too Many Zooz


Flight of the Bumblebee


Lady Gaga Bassoons


Batman Evolution



Christmas Concert Fail


Carnival of Venice


3 Year Old Conducting


Stars and Stripes Trombones


Snare Drum Solo


"Happy" Trombone


Flight of the Bumblebee


Neglected Instruments


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